Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break: Austin, Texas 2011

Good food, good times, good memories. We were in Austin for 4 days, 3 nights, and we were just in time for SXSW. We were able to hit flatstock 2011 while we were there, and it was fantastic. We toured at the Livestrong headquaters, Pentagram's Austin branch, and Sanders/Wingo. It was a very inspiring trip. You should be able to view more photos by visiting the album I made on facebook.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter Meeting

AIGA Meeting

- A7 on the horizon
- entry forms are going up online next week
- it's a good way to get work out there and meet professionals
- officers can deliver the work
- submit A LOT of projects, never know what the judges want
- About $10 per project entry
- This year's judges will be online

- Interview Chain
- starting this weekend
- starting two or three at a time
- basic, no pressure interview
- Lance and Kelsey volunteer to kick us off
- post feedback to blog or e-mail 
- ask questions you want based on who you're talking to
- remember MUST break out of grade level

Studio Tour
- 360 Arch. was useful, nice space, tour guide loved what he did, they did lots of stadium design, they also do signage for the buildings, they think about how fans or visitors interact with their structures
- Up next it Indica? Indisha? It's on the 10th, Thursday at 3:00 pm, be at studio at 2:30 - 2:45

Wednesday Night Design Chat
- wasn't online last Wednesday?
- school firewall may not allow the stream through 
- at 8 pm on Wednesdays

General AIGA Thoughts?
- make it to the lectures the judges for A7 give. they're insightful. 
- Jamie has previously hosted a roundtable in the past, but you must propose to get in, space is limited
- DIY by Design, first friday at Liquid 9, people create a custom poster. 
- Revinylize, Marty is the contact person. She's looking for volunteers for this weekend. Sunday at the KCI VML location. Starts at 1 pm. Bring industrial scissors if you  have them. If you want to carpool, meet to leave at 12:30. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Studio Tour Monday!

Hey all, we're meeting up at 2:30p in the design gallery on Monday the 28th in order to carpool / caravan to our studio tour with 360 Architecture! Be there or be square!

Don't forget to RSVP on our facebook page :)


AIGA: Behance Workshop Night (2-21)

Luke was kind enough to be our demonstrator this evening at the AIGA Online Portfolio Night. We got a bunch of people signed up on and had some fun while we did it!