Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey Kids! I've gotten the go-ahead from Chris. Operation Roundtable is a go for Thursday November 18th from 6-8:30 in the senior studio. Bring your favorite food to share!

For our next meeting (this coming First Friday during lunch), please bring one question, written down on a piece of paper, that you would like to have discussed at the event. Keep the questions design-related, but anything from technical questions on your computer, to places to find inspiration, to AIGA questions work.

I need someone to volunteer to make the poster for the event, and a few people to volunteer to make sure everything gets cleaned up after. (You can email me or we can talk about it more at the meeting).

Monday, October 25, 2010

Meeting with Chris and Jamie


A Few Things Chris Wants to Talk to Us About

Last year, Halloween Party came about because each chapter got a grant for an event. 
Intention of grant is for Design oriented programs. 
Intention of Halloween Party last yearwas to be a mixer with other schools. Was unsuccessful. 
Last year, there was more communication with Chris - asking permission, month of planning. 
There is a blatant lack of planning and permission. 

Chris must deal with
     Making and maintaining a safe, modern, clean studio space
     Keeping Larry Stuckey in the know, keeping him happy
     Appropriate utilization of studio space
     Security concerns  - must pay someone for extra security
     External events - National Portfolio Day, Liberal Arts
Student mentality leads us to think we 'own' the building, mustn't lose sight of every other x,y, and z

AIGA Student Chapter Shrinkage
     Membership smaller than last year, Seniors to blame, aren't getting enough back from it? 
     Sophomore opportunity to mix with upperclassmen and Design Community
     Events we've held are not Design-sentric enough
     Last week of drive - keep recruiting
     Keep the combination of Social event and Design event
Chris rules out Halloween Party at 2:51 p.m.

     We were uninformed of the rules of how program is submitted to the AIGA org.
     Keep in mind the channels we must go through, move forward - don't feel punished
     Only two of our planned events were socially oriented, the rest are Design oriented
     Helpful to type of a newsletter to submit to the faculty 
     Remember to invite Jamie and Chris to meetings
     Utilize the energy and excitement to propel forward to exciting events
     Don't forget Chris and Jamie are here to help and guide
     Allow Chris 3 - 4 weeks advance notice for all 'after hours' events on campus
     Jamie needs to know ahead of time about necessary funding (budget proposal)
     Early communication is key so events go smoothly 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Officer Meeting Notes

October 15th

      Posters are in
      Purchasing list made
      Jamie has budget (last year was $100)

Studio Tours
      Choose the final three studio
      Only 10 - 15 students per tour
      Design Ranch
      Liquid 9
      Whiskey Design
 Hopefully three tours, definitely two
      Micah will contact the studios

Film Series
      Local board donated the first film - "To Inform and Delight"
      Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

Branding the Student Chapter
      What are the goals of the branding?
            KCAI, Student Chapter, AIGA necessary criteria
      Think about the brand in terms of logo and/or web banner
      Open to all members, due First Friday (Nov. 5th)
      E-Mail submissions to Abby

     Nov. 2nd board meeting changed to Nov. 1st
     Must distribute A6 award submissions
     Membership drive ends in one week

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Current membership

As of 10/13 the following students have informed me they are members and are listed in the KCAI student group roster. If you know of other students that have joined, let me know. If you have joined and don't see your name here, let me know.

Dustin, Jessica M, Micah, Abby G, Johnna, Luke, Carly, Mo, Dmitri

Karen, Kelsey, Taylor, Bethany, Keaton

Michael A, Sam M, Lillie, McKenzie, Eli, Jessi R, Sam K, Patrick, Jessi W

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Local AIGA Board Meeting Change

 Due to holiday and double booking of events, the upcoming local aiga board meeting originally scheduled for: Tuesday November 2nd... is now being changed to Monday November 1st. So all who couldn't make it on tuesday nights, can now be able to go on monday.


Social starts at 5:30 pm
Formal Meeting is at 6:00 pm


1801 McGee Street, Suite 100 Kansas City, MO 64108-1832

Please comment to this post to let me know if anyone needs a ride, or who can make it for sure!


Officers Meeting this Friday

Hey all,

I just wanted to let all AIGA Officers know that we will have another officers meeting this Friday 10/15/10 in futura at 10:50.

And, would like to have an officers meeting once a month: first fridays are our aiga meetings, and I think two weeks after/or before every aiga meeting, we should have an officers meeting to stay consistent. So every two weeks the aiga will meet in some fashion.

I think it would be good for everyone to be updated on our upcoming events at this meeting:

- Evaluate how kickball went
- Discuss our upcoming studio film series:
        1) which movies to show: Art & Copy, etc
        2) the dates and time
        3) posters to promote
        4) possibly branding this series
        5) refreshments and delegating tasks
         * first film is Milton Glasers "To Inform and Delight"
            "provided  by the local AIGA board of directors for us."

- Branding our Student Chapter of the AIGA (discussion of concepts and touch-points)
- Updates on the Halloween Party (Sean, Mo, Lance - Programming Committee)
- Decide on hierarchy of studio tours (contacting commencing)
- Jamie has received our A6 awards submissions back (non-winners), re-distribute back to students
- Next Local Board meeting date has changed - from Nov 2nd, to now Nov 1st (now on a monday) social starts at 5:30 and the meeting begins at 6:00.

Hope to see you all there!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Kickball! 10-8

AIGA members and officers gathered for a fun game of kickball!

Sean was awarded a watermelon for being the "best dressed"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Brand AIGA KC branch?

Hey guys. Would anyone be interested in designing a logo for the AIGA KC Student Branch?

Right now it'd be nice to get some new banners that I can float between. Shoot me an email if you want more details, or just shoot me a few designs, and I'll sort through them, savvy?

If a logo gets developed we might make some shirts down the road or somethin'.

That's all for now, don't forget about Kickball this Friday. The time changed so be sure to check the posters around the design building.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Potential Studio Visits for Fall Semester


Whiskey Design

Boulevard Brewing Company

Design Ranch

Liquid 9


Willoughby Design


360 Architecture


PLEASE SELECT THREE FIRMS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN VISITING AND LEAVE THEM IN A COMMENT ON THIS POST! We are going to start planning site visits and we want to hit the ones people are most interested in. Thanks Sam for linking all of the firms! 

Chapter Meeting


Semester Events

Suggestions for Studio Visits - links to websites
Whiskey Design
Boulevard Brewery
Design Ranch
Liquid Nine
B&M Architect
360 Arch
Bernstein Rein

Kickball on the 8th, Friday, at Roanoke Park, 4 o clock, meet at 3:45 for a ride

Halloween Party
Friday, October 29, starting at 7 p.m.
Decorating Pumpkins
Decorate Studio
Movies on TV
Video Games
Food - candy
Cake Walk?
Others sign up for food
Sean leader of Committee, Lance, Mo, and Kelsey

Events Coming Up
Halloween Party
Potluck/Roundtable in November
Group Critique in December
Tours Scattered throughout
Movie Night (Art and Copy)