Friday, October 15, 2010

Officer Meeting Notes

October 15th

      Posters are in
      Purchasing list made
      Jamie has budget (last year was $100)

Studio Tours
      Choose the final three studio
      Only 10 - 15 students per tour
      Design Ranch
      Liquid 9
      Whiskey Design
 Hopefully three tours, definitely two
      Micah will contact the studios

Film Series
      Local board donated the first film - "To Inform and Delight"
      Wednesday night at 7 p.m.

Branding the Student Chapter
      What are the goals of the branding?
            KCAI, Student Chapter, AIGA necessary criteria
      Think about the brand in terms of logo and/or web banner
      Open to all members, due First Friday (Nov. 5th)
      E-Mail submissions to Abby

     Nov. 2nd board meeting changed to Nov. 1st
     Must distribute A6 award submissions
     Membership drive ends in one week

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