Monday, October 25, 2010

Meeting with Chris and Jamie


A Few Things Chris Wants to Talk to Us About

Last year, Halloween Party came about because each chapter got a grant for an event. 
Intention of grant is for Design oriented programs. 
Intention of Halloween Party last yearwas to be a mixer with other schools. Was unsuccessful. 
Last year, there was more communication with Chris - asking permission, month of planning. 
There is a blatant lack of planning and permission. 

Chris must deal with
     Making and maintaining a safe, modern, clean studio space
     Keeping Larry Stuckey in the know, keeping him happy
     Appropriate utilization of studio space
     Security concerns  - must pay someone for extra security
     External events - National Portfolio Day, Liberal Arts
Student mentality leads us to think we 'own' the building, mustn't lose sight of every other x,y, and z

AIGA Student Chapter Shrinkage
     Membership smaller than last year, Seniors to blame, aren't getting enough back from it? 
     Sophomore opportunity to mix with upperclassmen and Design Community
     Events we've held are not Design-sentric enough
     Last week of drive - keep recruiting
     Keep the combination of Social event and Design event
Chris rules out Halloween Party at 2:51 p.m.

     We were uninformed of the rules of how program is submitted to the AIGA org.
     Keep in mind the channels we must go through, move forward - don't feel punished
     Only two of our planned events were socially oriented, the rest are Design oriented
     Helpful to type of a newsletter to submit to the faculty 
     Remember to invite Jamie and Chris to meetings
     Utilize the energy and excitement to propel forward to exciting events
     Don't forget Chris and Jamie are here to help and guide
     Allow Chris 3 - 4 weeks advance notice for all 'after hours' events on campus
     Jamie needs to know ahead of time about necessary funding (budget proposal)
     Early communication is key so events go smoothly 

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