Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break: Austin, Texas 2011

Good food, good times, good memories. We were in Austin for 4 days, 3 nights, and we were just in time for SXSW. We were able to hit flatstock 2011 while we were there, and it was fantastic. We toured at the Livestrong headquaters, Pentagram's Austin branch, and Sanders/Wingo. It was a very inspiring trip. You should be able to view more photos by visiting the album I made on facebook.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Chapter Meeting

AIGA Meeting

- A7 on the horizon
- entry forms are going up online next week
- it's a good way to get work out there and meet professionals
- officers can deliver the work
- submit A LOT of projects, never know what the judges want
- About $10 per project entry
- This year's judges will be online

- Interview Chain
- starting this weekend
- starting two or three at a time
- basic, no pressure interview
- Lance and Kelsey volunteer to kick us off
- post feedback to blog or e-mail 
- ask questions you want based on who you're talking to
- remember MUST break out of grade level

Studio Tour
- 360 Arch. was useful, nice space, tour guide loved what he did, they did lots of stadium design, they also do signage for the buildings, they think about how fans or visitors interact with their structures
- Up next it Indica? Indisha? It's on the 10th, Thursday at 3:00 pm, be at studio at 2:30 - 2:45

Wednesday Night Design Chat
- wasn't online last Wednesday?
- school firewall may not allow the stream through 
- at 8 pm on Wednesdays

General AIGA Thoughts?
- make it to the lectures the judges for A7 give. they're insightful. 
- Jamie has previously hosted a roundtable in the past, but you must propose to get in, space is limited
- DIY by Design, first friday at Liquid 9, people create a custom poster. 
- Revinylize, Marty is the contact person. She's looking for volunteers for this weekend. Sunday at the KCI VML location. Starts at 1 pm. Bring industrial scissors if you  have them. If you want to carpool, meet to leave at 12:30. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Studio Tour Monday!

Hey all, we're meeting up at 2:30p in the design gallery on Monday the 28th in order to carpool / caravan to our studio tour with 360 Architecture! Be there or be square!

Don't forget to RSVP on our facebook page :)


AIGA: Behance Workshop Night (2-21)

Luke was kind enough to be our demonstrator this evening at the AIGA Online Portfolio Night. We got a bunch of people signed up on and had some fun while we did it!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Austin Studios: Potential Studio Tours

The ones in BOLD/underlined are tours that can be promised thus far.

McGarrah Jessee:

Decoder Ring:

Studio Pryor and Gehring Co:

Envision Creative group:


Sanders Wingo:


Dog Dive Creative:


Creative Suitcase:

Frog Design:

Ok Paper:

Spring Break Meeting

Purpose of this meeting - a mutiny has happened. 

Majority vote was for Chicago, Several others have career plans and Austin would be beneficial. Majority is changing to Austin. 

Trip is now to Austin. 

Has focus now turned to Job Hunting and not an AIGA Design trip? 

Some of us have already made contact to studios in Chicago. 

Mo said that the professionals she talked to all suggested Austin over Chicago. Austin is more Design active. 

Sophs and Juniors can go next year to Chicago. 

Democracy has been thrown out. 


- We are a small AIGA group, we should have ONE trip. Individuals can go wherever they want. 
- This is a learning opportunity - so don't be so quick to say that it's "unfair". 
- WHO has "majority vote"? Seniors have the priority, because they are exiting. 
- However, reasoning is selfish. It's about EVERYONE not just senior's job hunting. Should be inclusive. 
- Perhaps a trend should start that Seniors decide location. 
- Juniors and Sophs should still have say in where studio tours happen. 

We need to reevaluate how many are going. 

- Be mindful of how many people studios allow to tour. 

That being said, Austin is now the official Spring Break location. 

- Monday, another lunch meeting. 
- Exact price for the trip. 

- People going, think of some studios to go to. 
- Wed. March 2nd is deadline for payments for going on the trip. (One week from now)
- Give money to Abby

Friday, February 4, 2011

Chapter Meeting Notes


Austin Price: $122 per person, 3 cars there and back for 15 people
11.5 hour drive

Chicago Price: $117 per person, 5 cars there and back for 20 people
8 - 9 hour drive

A vote ensues... Chicago wins with 13 total votes

Keep an eye on email for sign-up for the trip. 
First people with the money get to go.

Micah is working on a list of potential studios to tour. 
Jamie says maintain variety. Jamie says contact recent alums. 

Another mini-meeting to plan Spring Break will be coming up. 


- Starts tonight, Abby is leaving around 5:30. It's at the Belger, in conjunction with First Friday
- Design Challenge on Monday, feat. Dimitri, Bethany, and Micah, winner revealed at 5 or 6 in the evening
- We'll start up a carpool for the events 


- Chain Interviews, to get to know everyone in the studio.
- Lance is still working on the interview process, but will launch soon. 
- Will be posted to designalogue afterwards. 

- Wednesday nights @ 8pm, famous contemp. designers are interviewed via Skype, broadcasted. 
- We'll be trying to route the broadcast through a TV in studio. 
- Taylor will be in charge of this event set-up. 
- Patrick will still be in charge of promotion. 

- We are working on getting a Design lecture in our building from a well known person. 
- Johnny Cupcakes is a street brand designer. He is about branding and he would be interesting to bring in via Skype. 

- We are working on a design competition for the next KCAI t-shirt. 

- Behance Portfolio workshop to get us all set up. 
- Group feedback on what to upload. 
- Tackling the tedious process of upload. 

- The first weekend of April is the Portfolio event with professionals. Only for Juniors and Seniors. 
- Part social, part lectures, part portfolio review. 

- started a Twitter: KCAI AIGA



360 Architecture


- still working out solid dates. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Officer Meeting Notes

*We need someone to compile all the research for Spring Break. 

Jamie going over things:

- Spring Break plans? Keep in mind your role in organization: date, studio tours, sign up for who's going, places for people to stay, be inclusive. 

- Faculty will not play a role in organizing the trip. Money handling will not happen through Lisa, as in years past. Then it becomes a non-school sponsored trip, making it easier to deal with. 

- Jamie will be offering advise, just not on paper. Tyler may want to go on the trip, but not as an advisor. 

- Upcoming events: 
a) Design Week, encourage people to participate, carpool, play nice, advocate AIGA! Design Challenge, Reach Out and Read vote, Saul Bass lecture. 

b) Portfolio Workshop - April 1&2 or 2&3. Chris is organizing it this year and will be getting back to us later, will be held on KCAI campus, this event fills up quick, last year it cost $15, cost may rise this year. 

- Any more studio tours?
a)Whiskey (end of February)
b)360 Architects 
c) maybe Bernstein and Rein, and VML

- Make sure people know about studio tours. 

- Plan an outside of the box event, one that hasn't been done before. 
a) design a KCAI bookstore t-shirt. t-shirt competition? working with Ed Rodriguez. 
b) getting a lecture in, perhaps bringing in someone virtually - Skype. Sam Mak knows a Designer guy, talk to her? remember that Designers love students. 

Patrick: Design Chat on every Wednesday at 8. Organize a bunch of people to just sit in and watch. 

c) Designer interview chain, background about the members. It showcases our student body. Post it to Designalogue. 
d) Blue Valley is interested in starting an AIGA chapter for their high school. Do something with them? Bring them in to the studio? 

- Money: we have a little bit of funds. Use it, but propose it first - before you buy. 
a) Is it benefiting the members? 
b) Is it supporting AIGA's mission?
- Don't forget to ask AIGA for  monies! 
- AIGA Presidents have connections to all other AIGA Presidents. 

- We still need the estimates for travel and hotel cost. Get together and provide one figure, planning for 3 nights, 4 days (Sun - Wed), for 20 people. Due next Friday to present to all members. 
- Friday we'll vote on where we're going and decide. 
- Post the estimates to the blog. 

Patrick will try to organize lectures, online and off. 
Mo will look into Blue Valley. 
Johnna will talk to Ed. 
Lance will develop the Design Interview Chain. Standardize questions. 

- Facebook profile for KCAI AIGA? Abby will set it up. 

Next Friday is meeting with everyone!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chicago Transportation Information

Hey All,
While researching I looked up different ways of getting us to Chicago.

One Way from Kansas City, MO to Chicago, IL= around $62.00
Round trip= $125 (split 3 to 4 ways for each car load)

Amtrak Train
One Way ticket= $48.00-$58.00
I'm assuming it would be double that for a round trip

According to Orbitz the cheapest round trip flight ticket would be on AirTran for $339
(probably not a pick)

CTA/PACE-In city transportation
Parking in Chicago can get expensive so if we ended up going we would probably want to purchase a CTA/PACE 7-day pass which is a $28.00 pass to get on the trains and buses around the city and to avoid paying $3 an hour for parking (or however much it gets around there). Plus if we use the pass enough, it's definitely worth saving on gas money too.

Let me know if I missed anything and I can research some more!