Friday, February 4, 2011

Chapter Meeting Notes


Austin Price: $122 per person, 3 cars there and back for 15 people
11.5 hour drive

Chicago Price: $117 per person, 5 cars there and back for 20 people
8 - 9 hour drive

A vote ensues... Chicago wins with 13 total votes

Keep an eye on email for sign-up for the trip. 
First people with the money get to go.

Micah is working on a list of potential studios to tour. 
Jamie says maintain variety. Jamie says contact recent alums. 

Another mini-meeting to plan Spring Break will be coming up. 


- Starts tonight, Abby is leaving around 5:30. It's at the Belger, in conjunction with First Friday
- Design Challenge on Monday, feat. Dimitri, Bethany, and Micah, winner revealed at 5 or 6 in the evening
- We'll start up a carpool for the events 


- Chain Interviews, to get to know everyone in the studio.
- Lance is still working on the interview process, but will launch soon. 
- Will be posted to designalogue afterwards. 

- Wednesday nights @ 8pm, famous contemp. designers are interviewed via Skype, broadcasted. 
- We'll be trying to route the broadcast through a TV in studio. 
- Taylor will be in charge of this event set-up. 
- Patrick will still be in charge of promotion. 

- We are working on getting a Design lecture in our building from a well known person. 
- Johnny Cupcakes is a street brand designer. He is about branding and he would be interesting to bring in via Skype. 

- We are working on a design competition for the next KCAI t-shirt. 

- Behance Portfolio workshop to get us all set up. 
- Group feedback on what to upload. 
- Tackling the tedious process of upload. 

- The first weekend of April is the Portfolio event with professionals. Only for Juniors and Seniors. 
- Part social, part lectures, part portfolio review. 

- started a Twitter: KCAI AIGA



360 Architecture


- still working out solid dates. 

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