Friday, September 24, 2010

Officer Meeting #1, 9-24

Micah, Communications Officer, liaison to Jamie
Luke, Programming Committee
Mo, Programming
Lance, Programming
Johnna, Programming
      Sean, Programming
Taylor, Programming
Patrick, Sophomore Rep
Erica, Sophomore Rep
      Abby, Documentation 
      Bethany, Documentation
Sam, Secretary

Sheet Jamie Handed Out
1. Elect Senior Officer: Micah is now the channel to Jamie
2. Join/Renew AIGA to become a member
3. Recruit 5 new/renew members
Volleyball tourney to recruit members
Contact Cards
Rush Week
AIGA Week - theme everyday
4. Let Jamie know you renewed/registerd
5. Members meetings are 1st Fridays at lunch
6. Think of upcoming events
Announce meeting to others
7. Sign up to attend local board meetings.
Tuesday, Oct 5th first meeting
8. Goals - ideas to present to AIGA
Studio Tours
360 Architecture
Wonderfair event?
Secret Santa/White Elephant before break
Last year costume contest, apple bobbing
Start now?
Halloween Team - Lead by Sean
Movie night - multiple movies at one time, or tv (dexter, true blood)
9. When will events occur?
Dodgeball quick
Halloween a week before - Friday before.
10. Do grants tie into these events?
We have small fund

General AIGA Meeting for 10/1
Kickball : Friday 10/8 at 4 p.m. at the diamond on Roanoake Park
Halloween talk

Homework for next meeting:
Studios in mind for tours- goal being 3 per semester
Other event proposals
Halloween Party, idea generation
      Renew AIGA/Join

Monday, September 20, 2010


Hey guys,

I'm pretty sure all of us design kids have a personal blog. Feel free to add yours to the list on the main page if you want everyone to have access to it.

Don't forget that we're having an officer's meeting this Friday during lunch! Probably in Futura since that seems to be the general meeting room. See you all there.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

A6 Awards Gala, 9-18-10

Free food, open bar, ice cream, great dj, awards, professionals, students, and some of the most awesome design work ever–that pretty much sums up this years flavor of the A6 Awards Gala that happened on Saturday September 18th. If you didn't make it this year, you should really try to make it next year for sure! We all had a great time despite the rain. It was a great chance to mingle with professionals (from Hallmark and Willoughby to name a few of the design firms in attendance) and a few kids from other schools in the KC area. Not to mention the fact that it was a great way to show support for your fellow classmates that were recognized this year! Congrats again to Andrea Morris, Luke Babb and Micah Barta!

Suntan Lotion Packaging designed by Luke Babb, Soy Candle Packaging designed by Andrea Morris.
Poster designed for the Folly Jazz series by Micah Barta.