Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Officers Meeting this Friday

Hey all,

I just wanted to let all AIGA Officers know that we will have another officers meeting this Friday 10/15/10 in futura at 10:50.

And, would like to have an officers meeting once a month: first fridays are our aiga meetings, and I think two weeks after/or before every aiga meeting, we should have an officers meeting to stay consistent. So every two weeks the aiga will meet in some fashion.

I think it would be good for everyone to be updated on our upcoming events at this meeting:

- Evaluate how kickball went
- Discuss our upcoming studio film series:
        1) which movies to show: Art & Copy, etc
        2) the dates and time
        3) posters to promote
        4) possibly branding this series
        5) refreshments and delegating tasks
         * first film is Milton Glasers "To Inform and Delight"
            "provided  by the local AIGA board of directors for us."

- Branding our Student Chapter of the AIGA (discussion of concepts and touch-points)
- Updates on the Halloween Party (Sean, Mo, Lance - Programming Committee)
- Decide on hierarchy of studio tours (contacting commencing)
- Jamie has received our A6 awards submissions back (non-winners), re-distribute back to students
- Next Local Board meeting date has changed - from Nov 2nd, to now Nov 1st (now on a monday) social starts at 5:30 and the meeting begins at 6:00.

Hope to see you all there!

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