Friday, November 5, 2010

AIGA Chapter Meeting

Potluck/Roundtable Discussion - November 18th, Thursday, 6 - 8:30
Must bring food to attend

Studio Tour Carpool Signup Sheet

Membership drive closed, 33 members
      Remember to re-edit your information on your profile

Chart with dates and times of availability? 
     Continually plan at different times

Remember your online portfolio space as a AIGA member (through Behance)

If you know of people in AIGA not here, see Abby for signup sheets

Monsters of Design in the Crossroads tonight
     Carpool at 8:30 after event, meet in gallery
     Closes at 10, opens at 6
     Pieces displayed from A6 and studios we'll be visiting

Questions for Potluck
     Email Abby/Bring her questions to discuss at roundtable by 2:30 today
     Questions must be Design related - broad topics, discussion starters 
Local board meeting changed from 7th to the 6th, Monday night of December
     Post sign-up sheet on blog (Micah)
AIGA Poster Competition
     Due Dec. 8th 

Next Thursday is another REEL Film Series
     Membership event happening at McCoy's beforehand 

Arm & Fit event : "The Good, The Blog, and The Ugly" 
Students $5, Thursday Dec. 2nd

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