Friday, December 3, 2010

End of Semester Meeting

December 3, 2010

Everyone filled out slips of paper on where they wanted to go for the AIGA Spring Break trip.

Hammerpress Cards
       Test prints to be sold to raise money for the Design Lounge. A space for people to think and talk creatively. Will have chairs, book case, etc. 

Winners are for Spring Break trip... 
      Chicago,  New York, Austin

Volunteers for pricing things, Due first meeting back from break: 
     Hotels: Johnna
     Transportation for Chicago: Taylor
     Transportation for Austin: Luke
     Transportation for NY: 

Plan for three nights and four days. Last year only cost $120. 

Everyone should start brainstorming what there is to do in each city. 

Over break, try to brand the chapter. 
    Start sketching ideas for logos. 
    Think of a name to go by. 
    KU is called 'Prototype' 
We'll check them out after break. We're trying to have a prize. Keep it PG. 

Next Semester?
     Studio Tours - Whiskey is lined up, waiting to hear back from B&R
     Round table
     Screen potluck 

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